Awaken to the power of the breath.

Breath is the very essence of life; it marks our birth and our death. As a society, we have created rituals around the day we take our first and last breath. We celebrate our birthday each year and after we have taken our last breath, our family and friends come together to mourn and remember our life.  

 In general we seem to pay little attention to the breath; it has become so automatic, that we forget to recognize the life giving power of breath in our life. We can utilize this powerful experience to understand the nature of life better by witnessing the process in a conscious and curious way.

The cycle of in- and out-breath is a metaphor for every process in life: everything begins, ascends, and reaches the top, then the still point before it descends, contracts, dies out and returns to stillness. When we are attuned to this natural process we can determine where we find ourselves in the cycle and utilize the transformational qualities of the breath…..

Let’s take a closer look at how the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual qualities of the breath can shift our perspective, if we consciously make use of those qualities that arise during the breathing cycle.  

When we breathe in, the body expands; the belly and chest rise almost like a wave, washing over the neck and head. This physical expansion allows for more mental and emotional space and connects us to new possibilities; we feel a lift of spirit. When we feel stuck or contracted, we remind ourselves to take a deep breath knowing that this simple action can transform our state of being.

A t the top of our breath, there is a moment of holding, a still point before we let go of the breath, similar to being in a roller coaster right before it descends. We can consciously use this moment to prepare our being to completely let go with the out breath. As we are breathing out, we are contracting deeper and deeper, allowing all irrelevant thoughts, emotions and sensations, all disharmonies to flow out until we end up in our center. We feel empty, still and we are present to the bare essence of who we really are. It is this essence that we then re-infuse with a new breath and the power of manifestation. 

Practicing conscious breathing is one of the most effective, powerful tools we have to cause a complete shift in our way of being. It is immediate, private, relaxes, can be done anywhere at any time, costs nothing, aligns body, mind and emotions, deepens self knowledge and positively affects our health.

Developing proficiency in utilizing the breath cycle in this manner requires sustained practice. Don’t wait till you find yourself in a difficult situation to explore the relationship between the breath and your state of consciousness; explore the effect of the breath on your being, starting today.



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